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New Guinea Singing Dog

Another Form of Dingo?

Closely related to the Australian Dingo is the New Guinea Singing Dog. Latest genome research shows this close relationship as well as the fact that both species are far removed from both the domestic dog and the Old World Wolf.

Principal component analysis (PCA) of 48,036 SNPs for two representative dogs per breed (n = 171) and Eurasian wolves (n = 58). As domestication is generally believed to have taken place in Eurasia19, we excluded North American wolf populations from the analysis. NGSD is the New Guinea Singing Dog.

Since it is feasible and logical that New Guinea and Australia were one land mass up until 6500 years ago, it is also possible that they are one in the same species simply adapted by and to their home range habitat, in the same way as the dingo has adapted to “alpine” and “tropical or desert” varieties. The NGSD is believed to now inhabit only extreme inaccessible highland rainforest territory.

These species share a set of peculiar physical traits and breeding habits, unique to them in the canid family and which are similar to those exhibited by the felid family. Both have a melodic range of vocalization, flexibility of joints and independent behavioural traits. There remains much biological and behavioural research to be conducted in relation to these uniquely placed canids.


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