In recent years we have also made our dingoes available for non invasive research into what we deem appropriate facets of the Australian native dog. We are currently working with Molecular Labs in Australia with Dr. Alan Wilton from the University of NSW (pictured with Lyn and researcher Bradley Smith), on a comparative genome project to determine the true ancient background of the dingo in Australia..

Marc Hauser, Professor of Psychology, Organismic & Evolutionary Biology and Biological Anthropology at Harvard University USA recently proposed a series of exciting behavioural studies with DDC dingoes, which will see us working with his Harvard teams for years to come.

In July and August 2010, a team of researchers from Harvard conducted a number of crucial cognitive studies, following the publication in esteemed scientific journals of work carried out here in 2008 by Bradley Smith of University of South Australia.

When Bradley documented the use of tools by dingoes at the DDC the entire scientific world sat up and took notice. This has led to contacts from scientists from the northern hemisphere, and we expect ongoing proposals which will in turn, lead to a new respect for our iconic Dingo.

We are also assisting Dr. Michael Parsons of Murdoch University, Western Australia, and Linda van Bommel of Australian National University, with various   studies  on dingo by-products  as  pest deterrents.

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