As anthropological, biological and ethological subjects, the dingo offers a plethora of directions for research. Part of The Australian Dingo Foundation’s raison d’être is to facilitate avenues into beneficial research by young scientists. As funds become available we intend to establish appropriate grants for this purpose. Already a number of studies have been completed or are in progress here by enthusiastic young graduates and under-graduates. One such example is Bradley Smith of University of South Australia, who has published studies on the Sanctuary’s dingoes, and has edited “The Dingo Debate”, a CSIRO publication, now the preferred text book in most Universities.

We have recently become inundated with pleas to provide dingo by-products for purposes of non-lethal biological deterrents for possums, foxes, wallabies etc., and perceive a very ripe and very large future market for a non-lethal, behaviour-altering product, which could be synthesised to replicate the scent marking pheromones contained in adult entire dingo output.

Strong recommendations are coming from scientists and powerful organisations such as the Wilderness Society, for the re-introduction of the dingo to selected wild habitats. The dingo which is a pure direct descendent of the original animal which greeted the first explorers of Australia is clearly the subject of choice. Our unique facility stands us in the perfect position for participation in such re-introduction projects. See Working Dingoes Saving Wildlife on Facebook.

The time has come in the history of the Dingo Discovery Sanctuary and Research Centre to seek meaningful philanthropic sponsorship and supporting partnerships.

As a Tax Deductible gift recipient and a Federally Registered Conservation Organisation, we believe that The Australian Dingo Foundation can now attract a major benefactor, and realise its aims in partnership, either as a major sponsor or as a partner. Full naming rights would be offered along with signage and logo additions to all areas of public interaction, depending upon the degree of involvement.