The dingoes at the Sanctuary are supported by generous sponsorship from Taste of the Wild, City of Melton, Adelaide Bank, individual benefactors, community fund raising and donations, and adoption fees for our dingo puppies by the world’s zoos and conservation organisations.

With our attention to scientific developments surrounding the dingo, one important consideration is that dingoes, being Paleolithic and carnivorous, lack the genetic capacity to make Amylase, unlike domestic dogs, which is an enzyme required to break down plant derived foods. It’s well known that correct feeding promotes the functioning of digestive systems and skin cells, whereby happy dingoes, and most of all healthy ones, have a decreased dependence on vet visits. Supplying up to 40 animals with a reliable, nutritious diet involves sourcing suppliers who can deliver for a consistent demand. We are massively grateful to have discovered that such products do exist, and even more so that Arnhem Pet Products, distributors of Taste of the Wild grain free diets, were in Melbourne. When invited to observe our facility, the principals decided to sponsor the Australian Dingo Foundation and supply our requirements. We are also grateful for our unadulterated raw fresh chicken suppliers, Poultry Palace, for generous discounts. Our dingoes have never looked and felt better, and there is no interruption to supply. Taste of the Wild also fund raise on our behalf when exhibiting at trade fairs. Consequently, we are delighted to recommend their products, and the people who handle it. Hats off to them!

On site fund raising is also undertaken during our annual Open Days (July-August) that are conducted during the weeks when puppies are available for public display and encounter. During the Open Days we experience thousands of visitors, all of who leave the Sanctuary with educational information and never to be forgotten experiences.

Private tours, and school or organisation incursions are available by arrangement – simply call us to book.

Various dingo-related merchandise is available to be purchased on-site during a booked visit/tour, and some products are available via our online shop. ‘Dingo Doo’ is made available for purchase, to be used as a non-lethal biological deterrent of wildlife, such as possums, foxes, and kangaroos.

Chubbah -Alpine Dingo