Dingo Whiskers is a community education program offered by the Australian Dingo Foundation. Our passionate team are lucky enough to present alongside wonderful ambassador dingoes from the Dingo Discovery Sanctuary. This enables us to demonstrate the physical differences between dingoes, Canis dingo, and domestic dogs, Canis familiaris.

Our presentations also cover a range of topics from dingo biology, ecology, history, coexistence, and more! Using this holistic approach, we aim to get Australian’s to think outside the box. Overall, our service intends to point out the difference between how dingoes are perceived and what they actually are – Australia’s one-of-a-kind top predator, which is part of a unique Oceanic canid genetic clade, along with the New Guinea Singing Dog (Canis hallstromi).

We cater for Primary and Secondary school incursions/excursions, corporate or other events within an hour’s drive of Toolern Vale. Content presented can be tailored to accommodate a special event or subject matter. Additionally, we can offer a Zoom session tailored to your needs.

For students that are too far away for an incursion or visit to the Sanctuary, an information pack is available. All students need to do is send a letter to the ADF (P.O. Box 502, Gisborne, Victoria, 3437), asking us questions about dingoes!

If you’re interested in one of our presentations please email us at for enquiries and bookings.
You can also follow our journey on Instagram @dingowhiskers.


School Sponsorship Packages will give schools the wonderful opportunity of sponsoring any one of the dingoes at the Dingo Discovery Sanctuary (tax deductible), with educational resources and presentations as an added bonus. Schools will be able to choose from different priced sponsorship packages, and schools outside of our 1-hour travel radius will also be able to learn about dingoes and support dingo conservation.

A VCAL (Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning) Program is currently being designed to support students completing a VCAL certificate. The first implementation currently covers PDS (Personal Development Skills) with a Unit 1 and Unit 2 curriculum outline and resources. In the future, a curriculum will also be developed for Work Related Skills (WRS), Literacy and Numeracy. The program is adaptable to all levels of VCAL (foundation, intermediate, and senior). The purpose of the program is to create connections between the Dingo Discovery Sanctuary and schools, raising awareness for the dingoes while supporting teachers in creating long-lasting community partnerships.

Dingo Whiskers Club is a 2 hour weekend workshop tailored to cater for Grades 4, 5 and 6 that will begin in 2021. Educational stations will be set-up at the Dingo Discovery Sanctuary and will allow students to learn about dingoes behind the scenes. Special guest appearances across various professions will also be part of the DW Club, as limited edition events, to broaden students’ horizons.