A community education program, Dingo Whiskers, is available for Primary and Secondary school incursions/excursions, corporate or other events:

Dingo Whiskers aims to get Australian’s to think outside the box. The term ‘whiskers’ evokes curiosity, as the first animal that typically comes to mind when one hears this are cats. It is not a term that’s associated with dingoes because, more often than not, they are unfortunately considered to be part of the same species as domestic dogs.

Unlike domestic dogs, dingoes actively use their whiskers from a young age to hunt invertebrates. Their cat-like physical attributes and independent nature will also be discussed during our presentations. Overall, our service intends to point out the difference between how dingoes are perceived and what they actually are – Australia’s intelligent, one-of-a-kind, top order predator.

If you’re interested in one of our presentations please email us at for enquiries and bookings. Price on application.