Australia’s stunning and diverse natural environment is a foundation of enchantment and inspiration, and the richness of our continent’s flora and fauna is unparalleled. In your Will you have a rare opportunity to help care for this ancient landscape and its unique animals.

By making a bequest to The Australian Dingo Foundation, you are playing an essential role in the protection of our native wild canid, the dingo. If you love the dingo, please join with us. You’ll be helping to ensure that those who follow us are left with a promising future. A future that with the aid of the dingoes’ ecological function promotes biodiversity, environmental resilience, beauty and opportunity that we can all share together.

It’s important to seek the advice of a qualified solicitor or trustee when making your Will. Here are some ways in which you can make a bequest to The Australian Dingo Foundation:

  • Leave the residue of your estate after specific bequests have been left to family and friends.
  • Leave a nominated portion or a fixed percentage of your estate.
  • Leave a specific gift, such as property or shares.
  • Nominate The Australian Dingo Foundation as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy or superannuation (you need to nominate this directly with your superannuation fund).
  • If you wish to make a gift or bequest of land to The Australian Dingo Foundation we recommend that you contact us first to discuss your wishes.
  • Remember to review your Will every few years to ensure it still reflects your wishes.

To make your bequest to The Australian Dingo Foundation, you may like to use the following wording as a guide:

‘I bequeath, free of all duties [insert here details of the bequest] to the Australian Dingo Foundation ABN 73 125 299 489, with the written acknowledgement of the Secretary or other proper officer of the Australian Dingo Foundation to be accepted by my executors as a full and complete discharge.’

If your existing Will is satisfactory but you would like to include a bequest to The Australian Dingo Foundation, you can add a codicil. It must be signed and witnessed in the same way as your Will. Always seek legal advice when changing your Will.

We understand that making your Will is a very private matter. But if you have already included The Australian Dingo Foundation in your Will, or are considering doing so, it is a great help if you let us know. Advising The Australian Dingo Foundation of your bequest enables us to thank you personally, and provides the opportunity for you to discuss your wishes with us.

All bequest passed on to The Australian Dingo Foundation are held in the greatest confidence. Your bequest will make a thoughtful and lasting contribution to protecting wildlife for future generations.

Thank you.

PO Box 502, Gisborne, Victoria 3437

Phone: (03) 54281245

The Australian Dingo Foundation is an independent, non-profit organisation. It is committed to protecting Australia’s only terrestrial top predator.