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Some truly questionable, unjust, and even ridiculous legislation exists in Australia concerning the dingo – from total ban on private ownership in Tasmania, Queensland, and SA – to total deregulation in NSW, permit conditions for WA and ACT. Pressure groups are actively engaged in changing this situation. We suggest you contact the appropriate department in your state of residence to ascertain your position, if you want to be a dingo guardian.

In Victoria, for pure dingo ownership it is necessary to obtain a permit from the Department of Sustainability and Environment. This also requires an escape proof facility to safely house your dingo, of which must be a minimum size of 30 sq. metres, with a minimum fence height of 3 metres. Of course, by law, appropriate shelter and care is required, and we ourselves are selective when it comes to assessing future guardians for our precious pure dingoes. For hybrid or otherwise non-pure dingoes it is necessary to register with your local council.

The optimum age to acquire your dingo is between five and sixteen weeks. This generally means placing an order in January before the annual breeding season commences. Puppies are ready for new homes from mid June to early October each year. Dingoes are more forward than domestic dogs, and bond best with a new family and environment early in life. Constant socialisation and exposure to new environmental factors is required for the first year of life for lasting success.

Dingoes need their bonded humans, other pets and familiar surroundings for their lifetime. They cannot be successfully be boarded out, or re-homed. Your commitment must therefore be seriously considered, as it will span for the life of your dingo, which may well be 18 years. Consider again – long and hard – before you take on a super sensitive dingo puppy. NEVER act on a whim if you intend to travel away or move around, unless you know your dingo will be secure and happy with other bonded carers.

SPONSORSHIP is a means by which you can have an interest in a specially selected dingo while it lives its life happily at our sanctuary. This form of “ownership” works well for those without the facilities or time to give constant care and attention.